United States, EU reportedly reach data-transfer deal

June 24, 2016 Tech Guru 0

The U.S. and the European Union have reportedly reached an agreement on the language of a key data transfer pact, including limits on U.S. surveillance. The revamped EU-U.S. Privacy Shield was sent to EU member states overnight, according to a report from Reuters. Privacy Shield would govern how multinational companies handle the […]

KSN Report: Ransomware from 2014-2016

June 22, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Executive summary and main findings Ransomware is a type of malware that, upon infecting a device, blocks access to it or to some or all of the information stored on it. In order to unlock either the device or the data, the user is required to pay a ransom, usually […]

Tech groups say FBI shouldn't be allowed to do mass hacking

June 21, 2016 Tech Guru 0

Congress should block proposed changes to rules governing U.S. law enforcement investigations that could give law enforcement agencies new authority to hack thousands of computers, several tech and advocacy groups said. Congress should stop the proposed changes, approved by the Supreme Court in April, that would allow judges to issue […]

The Tip of the Iceberg: An Unexpected Turn in the xDedic Story

June 20, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Introduction Last week we reported on the xDedic underground marketplace that facilitated the selling and buying of access to compromised RDP servers. We counted over 70,000 hacked server accounts from 173 countries for sale on the marketplace. After the public announcement the xDedic website very quickly went offline, thanks to […]

5 things you need to know about password managers

June 18, 2016 Tech Guru 0

New data breaches are coming to light almost weekly and they reveal a simple but troubling fact: many people still choose weak passwords and reuse them across multiple sites. The reality is, remembering dozens of complex passwords is almost impossible, and carrying them around on a scrap of paper that […]

Surveillance reform measure blocked in the wake of Orlando killings

June 17, 2016 Tech Guru 0

The U.S. House of Representatives voted down an anti-surveillance amendment after some of its members expressed concern about its impact on the fight against terrorism, in the wake of Sunday’s massacre at a nightclub in Orlando. The measure was proposed by Congressman Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, and Congresswoman […]

Operation Daybreak

June 17, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Earlier this year, we deployed new technologies in Kaspersky Lab products to identify and block zero-day attacks. This technology already proved its effectiveness earlier this year, when it caught an Adobe Flash zero day exploit (CVE-2016-1010). Earlier this month, our technology caught another zero-day Adobe Flash Player exploit deployed in […]

xDedic – the shady world of hacked servers for sale

June 15, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Over the last two years, deep in the slums of the Internet, a different kind of underground market has flourished. The short, cryptic name perhaps doesn’t say much about it: xDedic. However, on this obscure marketplace anyone can purchase more than 70,000 hacked servers from all around the Internet. xDedic […]

CVE-2016-4171 – Adobe Flash Zero-day used in targeted attacks

June 14, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Earlier today, Adobe published the security advisory APSA16-03, which describes a critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player version and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Chrome OS: A few of months ago, we deployed a new set of technologies into our products designed to identify and block zero […]

US government seeks to intervene in Irish data protection case

June 13, 2016 Tech Guru 0

The U.S. government wants to intervene in an Irish court case that has already disrupted the transatlantic flow of European Union citizens’ personal information on which many businesses rely. And one of the parties to that case, Austrian Facebook user Max Schrems, is looking forward to the opportunity to have […]

A popular cloud privacy bill stalls in the Senate

June 13, 2016 Tech Guru 0

A bill to give email and other documents stored in the cloud new protections from government searches may be dead in the U.S. Senate over a proposed amendment to expand the FBI’s surveillance powers. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act would require law enforcement agencies to get court-ordered warrants to […]

Lurk Banker Trojan: Exclusively for Russia

June 10, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

One piece of advice that often appears in closed message boards used by Russian cybercriminals is “Don’t work with RU”. This is a kind of instruction given by more experienced Russian criminals to the younger generation. It can be interpreted as: “don’t steal money from people in Russia, don’t infect […]

More than 32 million Twitter credentials reportedly hacked

June 9, 2016 Tech Guru 0

The company trying to be the Google of hacked user credentials says it just obtained another huge leak, this time affecting Twitter users. LeakedSource recently reported it obtained a database of more than 32 million Twitter login credentials from a user going by the alias Tessa88@exploit.im. LeakedSource uses a freemium […]

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