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Privacy Shield data transfer agreement now shelters 200 companies

August 26, 2016 Tech Guru 0

There are now 200 companies standing behind Privacy Shield, the framework agreement allowing businesses to process the personal information of European Union citizens on servers in the U.S. Companies must register with the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce to be covered. It’s a self-certification process, so […]

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Facebook taps Whatsapp user data to target ads

August 25, 2016 Tech Guru 0

Two years after its acquisition by Facebook, WhatsApp is changing its privacy policy to allow it to share more information about its mobile app users with its owner. There’s no risk of your WhatsApp messages appearing on your Facebook timeline, or status updates being sent to your WhatsApp friends, the […]

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HP's new privacy protecting laptop screen thwarts would-be spies

August 25, 2016 Tech Guru 0

HP just introduced a new technology to fight back against the feeling that somebody’s watching you. HP’s EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840 laptops now have an option to add a new one-touch solution called SureView that combats what the company calls “visual hacking.” SureView was developed with 3M privacy technology, […]

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Opera's free VPN app expands to Android

August 24, 2016 Tech Guru 0

Opera is expanding the reach of its free, mobile VPN app. The browser maker recently announced that Opera VPN is now available for Android in Google Play. The new app is similar to the iOS version Opera released in May. Opera provides five virtual server locations to choose from including […]


Threat intelligence report for the telecommunications industry

August 22, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

 Download PDF Introduction The telecommunications industry keeps the world connected. Telecoms providers build, operate and manage the complex network infrastructures used for voice and data transmission – and they communicate and store vast amounts of sensitive data. This makes them a top target for cyber-attack. According to PwC’s Global State […]

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How to turn on Twitter's quality filters and silence trolls

August 19, 2016 Tech Guru 0

Twitter has finally come up with a solution to muzzle trolls. The company published a blog post on Thursday announcing two new controls for filtering your notifications. Twitter notifications are the primary method through which trolls can contact and harass users. The first new setting reduces the noise in your […]


Brazilian banking Trojans meet PowerShell

August 18, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Crooks are always creating new ways to improve the malware they use to target bank accounts, and now Brazilian bad guys have made an important addition to their arsenal: the use of PowerShell. Brazil is the most infected country worldwide when it comes to banking Trojans, according to our Q1 […]


Spam and phishing in Q2 2016

August 18, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

 Download the full report (PDF) Spam: quarterly highlights The year of ransomware in spam Although the second quarter of 2016 has only just finished, it’s safe to say that this is already the year of ransomware Trojans. By the end of Q2 there was still a large number of emails […]

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Maker of web monitoring software can be sued, says court

August 17, 2016 Tech Guru 0

The maker of so-called spyware program WebWatcher can be sued for violating state and federal wiretap laws, a U.S. appeals court has ruled, in a case that may have broader implications for online monitoring software and software as a service. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit rejected […]


The Equation Giveaway

August 16, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Rare implementation of RC5/RC6 in ‘ShadowBrokers’ dump connects them to Equation malware August 13, 2016 saw the beginning of a truly bizarre episode. A new identity going under the name ‘ShadowBrokers’ came onto the scene claiming to possess files belonging to the apex predator of the APT world, the Equation […]


Good morning Android!

August 15, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

This morning, we encountered a gratuitous act of violence against Android users. By simply viewing their favorite news sites over their morning coffee users can end up downloading last-browser-update.apk, a banking Trojan detected by Kaspersky Lab solutions as Trojan-Banker.AndroidOS.Svpeng.q. There you are, minding your own business, reading the news and […]


Conference Report: HITCON 2016 in Taipei

August 14, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

Hacks in Taiwan Conference (HITCON) 2016 was held on 22 – 23 July 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. The theme of HITCON Community this year is “Security or Nothing”, focusing on hacking techniques and information security. About 1,500 participants attended to the event coming from the United States, India, Korea, China, […]


IT threat evolution in Q2 2016. Statistics

August 11, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

 Download the full report (PDF) All the statistics used in this report were obtained using Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), a distributed antivirus network that works with various anti-malware protection components. The data was collected from KSN users who agreed to provide it. Millions of Kaspersky Lab product users from 213 […]


IT threat evolution in Q2 2016. Overview

August 11, 2016 IvoryMcCauley 0

 Download the full report (PDF) Targeted attacks and malware campaigns Cha-ching! Skimming off the cream Earlier in the year, as part of an incident response investigation, we uncovered a new version of the Skimer ATM malware. The malware, which first surfaced in 2009, has been re-designed. So too have the […]

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Disable WPAD now or have your accounts and private data compromised

August 10, 2016 Tech Guru 0

The Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD), enabled by default on Windows and supported by other operating systems, can expose computer users’ online accounts, web searches, and other private data, security researchers warn. Man-in-the-middle attackers can abuse the WPAD protocol to hijack people’s online accounts and steal their sensitive information even […]

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